About Peeled

Peeled is a Calgary-based cocktail event committed to supporting, promoting and growing the cocktail industry in Calgary and sharing its stories around the world. The inaugural Peeled event will take place in Calgary August 12-14.

Launched out of a passion for the spirits industry, its creativeness and potential, Peeled is a collaborative effort between the arts community, spirits companies, mixologists, food and beverage purveyors, event planners and media to develop and grow the cocktail community in Calgary by organizing a weekend of seminars, tastings, networking events and much more.

Our goal is to grow the talent in the industry and educate the public to make Calgary a cocktail destination, much the same as has been done with the Calgary culinary scene since Top Chef brought us international acclaim. Calgary is considered a top culinary destination thanks to collaborative efforts focused on developing interesting content, spreading the word through media channels and continually innovating. Peeled strives to replicate that success for the cocktail industry and its fans.